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Jun 18, 2011 5:30am EDT
. you're here for an experience. >> bret johnson, doug henderson and josh opened square one ten years ago with just eight employees to fill what they saw as a void in the market. since then square one has expanded to a second location with a combined staff of about 70 people. johnson says the secret to the salon's success was in the service. >> customer service was always priority one, two or three. it turned into priority one and we developed our skills as we went along. >> whether a client is coming in for a hair style, or massage, going above and beyond is more pont than ever before. clients are greeted at the door and offered a drink. employees take their coat and escort them to the waiting room. after that the experience gets a bit more elaborate. >> we provide a scalp and shoulder massage before the hair service and we do a mini facial at the shampoo bowl with a hot towel which people love. >> the individual attention doesn't end there here's one example. this pair has lunch served to them during their day spa. as far as johnson is concerned, the word no is not a part of square
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Jun 3, 2011 10:00pm EDT
. >> those against the war, what was the name for those against the war? >> bret: dan johnson a former marine sergeant. he teaches history now. in gilbert, arizona outside phoenix. five years ago he started looking for his own piece of the american dream. >> some areas i wanted to live in was outside my price range. >> bret: familiar story. >> started looking and realized fast that i wasn't able to an for the area that i wanted or the type of house i was looking for. >> bret: me coal works in insurance in arizona. >> i -- nicole works in insurance in arizona. >> i was telled to buy a condo. but i wanted a backyard. and it was worth to wait and save more. >> bret: they both say before the crash they could have bought the homes they wanted but only with the kind of risky loans so many other americans took out. >> interest only, balloons, you name it, anything was out there. i decided think that wanted to wait for the 30 year fix. >> bret: across town, dan felt the same way. >> i could have gotten a home. what if it doesn't work? now i'm stuck with a mortgage i can pay. >> bret: it want just hom
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Jun 3, 2011 4:00am EDT
. >> bret: we'll have more many more panels on candidates. herman cain, ron paul, gary johnson. >> not slighting us. >> bret: i want to preface that. next up, indiana's fight with the federal government over funding for planned parenthood. do you think the state will have to back down? vote in the online poll results after the break. the agency involved here will work with indiana and we expect them to come in compliance. >> medicare can't pay with federal dollars for abortion but it doesn't mean state can deny services from a willing provider. that's what the law is. we're implementing the law. >> it's unfortunate we have presidential administration pushing a pro-abortion agenda, again over the wishes of this particular state legislative branch. >> bret: this is all about public funding for planned parenthood. before break, we asked you will indiana be forced to reverse the ban on public .king for planned parenthood? 14% of you said yes. 86% said no. in this unscientific poll. you heard the medicaid administrator suggesting that warning that the stat
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Jun 9, 2011 6:00pm EDT
other virtues. he does not have an organization. >> bret: juan? >> what strikes me is rick tyler the spokesman leaving. because if you know gingrich you know rick tyler. he has so many enterprise, books, speaking. the idea that the people invested in nute, including johnson who ran governor perry's campaign would suddenly bail out is a bad sign. >> bret: there is another thing. you mentioned the perry campaign. a couple folks had ties to perry. now there is more than whispers that governor perry from texas may get in the race as well. >> it increases the chances he will. although, i wouldn't attribute the quitting of the staff to jumping ship and perry. it what to do with way that newt was running his campaign or not running it. they spoke about a difference of views about the direction of the campaign. the direction is a wrong word. it's the seriousness of the campaign. newt is a guy of ideas. his view was you will do this all out of studios. we'll do well in debate. be out there. shine in debate and do interviews but he doesn't want to go out there and shake hands. that's not w
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Jun 3, 2011 6:00pm EDT
to be viable this time, he has to win the first of the nation primary of new hampshire. >> bret: carl cameron live in manchester. thank you. >>> gary johnson will not be part of the second debate forum in new hampshire. johnson says cnn gave him no reason for his exclusion and says the channel told him earlier that it would apply what it called objective criteria. cnn website defines that as showing of 2% support in various polls. >>> new york democrat anthony weiner calls for help. we tell you why in the grapevine. after the break, death for the doctor. @aúçúç,p7sas<ç<ç:ç7@s7 >> the man nicknamed "dr. death" is dead. jack kevorkian died today. retired pathologist brought assisted suicide to public consciousness. kevorkian said he helped about 130 people die in the 1990s. he was brought to trial many times and eventually served eight years in prison. he was 83. >>> national football layers and owners went back to court in st. louis they got half an hour before the three-judge panel. owners locked out players for nearly three months. since talks on a new labor deal broke down in marc
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)